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Well done, everybody!

Poll #254348 The 25 questions that should not be asked.

What sort of ladies' underwear would suit me best?

Have you ever considered making a drastic change in your life, and if so, what was it?

Were you aware of my predilection for children's TV presenters?

When/where/with whom was your first kiss? Was it any good?

Isn't brad a poopyhead?

What is your most memorable experience involving the colour orange?

What have I got in my pocket?

Who is the most overrated Harry Potter fan fiction author?

Suppose a cop and a felon get into a crash; you only have one bag of blood, but it is obvious that the felon needs it more to survive. Who gets the bag?

What have you done to make yourself happy today?

Which of these was funniest:

Siegfried & Roy being attacked by a tiger
George W. Bush choking on a pretzel
the woman who sued McDonalds for the hot coffee on her lap

Have you stopped taking advantage of your friends?


Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Whose secrets are you keeping?

Do you want to see my elephant?

In a situation that demands it, is it better to steal or beg for food?

What is your favourite game?

Why are common-sense rules LJ-cut?

So, why *did* the chicken cross the road?

About what are you guilty?

How many fandom members have you had any kind of romantic or sexual contact with?

What question should I ask in my next poll?

What question should I ask in my next poll?

What question should I ask in my next poll?

What was the question I should have asked in my previous poll?

Thank you all so much for those! Let's see if anyone answers them. The three great minds who think alike might wish to identify themselves for mutual amusement. There was also one (welcome!) textbook example of an unwelcome question from a known fake account.

In other news, bookshop is campaigning for her home town of Bloomington, IN to issue marriage licenses for same-sex marriages; please consider downloading the petition from her site, filling it in and returning it to her. (Teessiders wishing to save the cost of postage, please apply here.) Out-of-state submissions are welcome and this includes out-of-country submissions. All the petitions are going to her directly, which is wise; should informed advice be that international submissions would hinder the cause then she should be able to strip them out before the final presentation to the local authorities.

Britons, a counterpart online petition asks for UK-wide counterpart legislation. Online petitions are inherently less good than physical ones, but better than nothing; I note that Stonewall aren't petitioning right now, though their campaigning continues apace.
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