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Before I start, <kermit-the-forg>Let's give a great big LiveJournal welcome to our special guest star ericklendl! mad clapping</kermit-the-forg> Nick, previously referred to as "Anonymous Azerbaijan" in the context of the vocab predicto thing, is one of the funniest and most entertaining writers on ukgameshows and one of the few people who can out-UK-game-show-theme-tune me in the early hours of the morning. (So give us an Every Second Counts, Nick...) On top of that he is my superior in the UK World Puzzle Championship team and even reads Potter fanfic. He has an excellent comic writing style and a pronounced taste for wordplay and the best bad jokes. What a guy!

Relatively recently, British motor vehicle registration plates adopted a new format. Two letters, followed by two numbers, followed by three letters. The numbers are fixed according to the month and year of purchase. The letters are generally given to you without choice, but you can pay extra to have the letters of your choice, within confines. Some fortunate combinations (eg. DR 51 MON for Dr. Simon) go on to be auctioned off for considerable sums.

Dad and I sometimes amuse ourselves by looking at the reg plates up for sale, usually for very silly money. Auto Trader say that the record sum played for a reg plate is £225,000, but they don't say what the plate was. (Possibly something like "A 1", dating from a much. much older time, I would guess.) Parker's Online have a guide to reg plate valuations available. (Incidentally, I read recently in the old Currant Bun that the next vanity market of this type is mobile phone numbers; the more zeroes a mobile phone number has, the cooler - and so the more expensive - it is. Okay...)

Anyway, Dad called me in from the kitchen to the front room on Sunday to look at a reg plate which was valued at "£1/2 million" which he couldn't understand. I couldn't understand it either - 'it must be "my suit", misspelt' - and no more was said about it.

Thinking about it in passing twenty hours later, the penny dropped. Wow, I can be slooooow sometimes.

The plate? MY 51 UTT.

I wouldn't have thought people would have thought that way about their cars...

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