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Phone Post: Phonepost from Chris and Gareth

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“Hello ! This is Chris here, ah it-it's a Sunday afternoon - I'm with Gareth, that's LJ user equals s-i-r-underscore-g-a-r-e-t-h, also known to the rest of the world as Sir Gareth, who is an old friend from school. And yes, he is an old friend from school - he is both a friend from school and he's old. And he's in town at the moment - uh - from com...coming across. And so while he's in this neightbourhood he came to see me.

Haven't seen Gareth in... ooh... many years. Definitely 4 years, probably 5 or 6. I have a suspicion that the last time I
saw him would have been in a pub at the Angel Islington, North London.

That was a lot of fun and it's been nice catching up with him.

And, umm... Oh, the wonderful thing that happened yesterday. This is also just to confirm I am in fact still alive. And the reason why I'm not posting to Livejournal is mostly because I'm busy having too much fun. The reason I'm having too much fun is I am speaking to my lovely girlfriend Meg an awful lot, who I love extrmely much.

And a trememdous assistance towards facilitating this love, shall we say, is that yesterday I made the most fantastic disovery, it is a telephone service which lets you call from the UK to the US and a number of other countries for less than an 0870 rate, less than an 0845 rate even. Not even 3 pence per minute, not 2 pence per minute
not even 1-and-a-half of your Earth British pennies per minute. One penny a minute every day, day or night !

It as cheap as... not cheap as chips because chips aren't that cheap... It is one penny a minute, it is Turn of the Century, it's... <pause> Urm, I was going to do a quote there which I think is ill-advised.

Anyway w-w-w-dot-t-e-l-e-d-i-s-c-o-u-n-t-s-dot-c-o-dot-u-k, telediscounts.co.uk, telephone number is 08448 610610. And so this means I'm not posting to LiveJournal because I'm having too much
fun and I'm talking to Meg.

And so all things considered thats - uh -that's part of the reason why with exceptions I'm damn happy at the moment and seeing Gareth makes me even damn happier still.

I've been cracking him up, I don't know how...

I'm going to pass the phone over to him and he's probably going to be like a startled rabbit.

GO !

Hello Livejournal users, this is Sir Gareth uh reporting live from Middlesborough in my usual news style here [Chris in the background - loud: WOOOHOOO !]

Chris took me out to a wonderful local pub and I got my fix of roast lamb and all the fixings [and] Yorkshire pudding as sunday lunch.

Good old Middlesborough, it's great to be back. Great to see Chris, he's looking very healthy and, uh, very happy. So, umm, I'll probably post phone-wise to my own journal in a little bit. So for all you avid readers, listeners whatever - umm, tune into that one too.

But, uh, for now I hope everyone's well and healthy and...

Here's Mr. Jiggery Pokery hiiiiiimself !

Hello I'm reminded particularly at this point of the fact that Gareth looks very very much like a younger Bruce Forsyth. And I've said this and Gareth has never been very happy about the comparison. But the older Gareth gets, the truer the comparison sort of gets. I'm going to go, going to go and get the copy of Bruce Forsyth's autobiography. Which - I should point out - is crap. It's lousy, don't waste your money. But is has got some nice pictures of Brucie through the years.

So I'll show Gareth and he'll go "No Chris, I look nothing like that."

No Gareth you do, look, this is you ! This is you and this is how you used to look. Because really, it is. Gareth's looking very unconvinced by this. But there's only one way to find out. And Perhaps he'll tell you about that when he makes his own phone post.

But just to say It's not too bad here, we're coping, we're getting by.

And it's been nice talking to you and I look forward to making a proper post soon.

Love you all, 'specially Meg ! Cheerio !”

Transcribed by: bateleur
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