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Phone Post:

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“Hi, this is Chris. I've had two and one-quarter hours' sleep this morning: I cannot get any more sleep. This is very bad, because tonight's a night where I particularly need sleep and cannot get it, er, and I'll tell you why soon.

Um, so, I've noticed the playlist meme going around all the time and, er, it's kind of cool, um, on the downside, the music I tend to listen to doesn't really have [m]any lyrics so I can't really play along. But what this reminded me of was, when I went to the airport the other day, I bumped into Phill Jupitus, who is one of the team captains on Never Mind The Buzzcocks. And Never Mind The Buzzcocks has got a round in which people - the teams - sort of sing or hum or communicate introductions to pieces of music and other contestants have to try to get them.

Now the point of this is: nine times out of ten they're rubbish and eight times out of ten they can't get them. And everyone knows it's rubbish and that's part of the fun, and you get the host, Mark Lamarr, singing across going Da da-da, da da-da, ba ba-ba-ba-ba, and saying everything's actually, ah, the theme tune to The Sweeney. Nevertheless, I feel masochistic, so we're going to try and do this as a LiveJournal PhonePost. I'm only going to do 10, not 25, because I think it's going to be quite self-indulgent enough with 10 already ... yeah, and they're going to vary between four seconds and about forty seconds. Your pass mark is 0.1 out of 10, in that if you manage to get even one, you are doing far better than you ought to be (unless you are Nick [<lj user="ericklendl">] or Rob [<lj user="chocaholic7">] who are the usual suspects for this, as far as this goes.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this, and I hope it isn't, um, isn't too boring. Have fun.


If anyone manages to get even one out of them then they're doing remarkably well. I hope you enjoyed this in some strange context. Have fun and good luck. I'll remember to try and give you the answers before long. Hope I can get back to sleep now I've got these blinkin' tunes out of my head. Have fun, take care, love you all, bye!”

Transcribed by: addedentry

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