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Dream Tag

Tag at least one other LiveJournal user by dreaming about them at night. They then become "it" and carry the chain on.

If you're tagged, the next time you dream about at least one other LiveJournal user, post this to your LiveJournal, adding details of your dream to the chain, and tag your friends.

1. jiggery_pokery dreamt about addedentry and huskyteer living in Cambridge. They were living together happily in a small room in the tiny attic of a five-floor underground bunker. The underground bunker was full of top-class scientists; I couldn't understand what they were working on, but knew that their work would change the world. They then directed me through a college, where I needed to cross the wide-open grounds and got into trouble due to trying to push past a long line of professors marching in a ceremony.

Currently tagged: addedentry and huskyteer

If you think this is cool, but you haven't been dreamt about yet, copy and paste this all into your LiveJournal and start your own chain.

If you don't remember your dreams, then (keep quiet about it but) make something up!

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