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joggers who go round and round and round

London folk: there is something that is apparently authoritatively not a flash mob rotating about the Circle Line this evening. The attendance of those of you who know card tricks would apparently be very much appreciated. (The rest of you can turn up and give improvised readings of extracts from Talmudic Law in the styles of "A-list bloggers" and "gangster rappers", or do the "human beatbox" version of Johnny One Note, or something.) Not sure why it isn't a flash mob - perhaps flash mobs are felt to be very, very 2003 these days. Anyway, do turn up, if only so that you can revel in the fact that the nearest that Paris gets to a Circle Line Party would involve changing from trains 2 to 6 and back again every π radians. Or they could have a party which involves going up and down the conveyor belts at Montparnasse over and over again, but that's not quite as spectacular somehow.

Rest Of The World: as I understand it, conventional received wisdom says that Winamp 2 does not suck and Winamp 3 does suck. Does Winamp 5 suck or not? Are there compelling reasons to move from Winamp 2, with which I am happy, to Winamp 5?
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