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Way-oh! We're going to Croatia

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm off to London tomorrow; will be seeing folk and rhiannon333 tomorrow evening before flying off on Tuesday afternoon to Croatia for the World Puzzle Championship; back late on Sunday. (London folk, I am theoretically potentially available for flying visits at sundry points along the way.) dezzikitty has extremely kindly given me a laptop computer as an early birthday present, henceforth known inevitably as the Laptop 0f Love; fingers crossed, I'll be able to find places to plug it in and ways to get Internet access with it. I hope to provide live updates from Croatia, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Addenda to the preview: the Czech Republic, Poland, France, Slovakia and Bulgaria have all declared teams, so we're up to 19 confirmed national teams already and I still hope that Ukraine might show. (Plus, possibly, one or more international teams made up of lurkers who happen to be there at the time.)

Didn't get the ISP technical support job. Didn't particularly want it, but if I end up doing a job that I don't particularly want to do, it may as well be a job with fun subject matter - specifically, the Internet. Ah well; the hunt starts again upon my return. (Unless, of course, there's a note waiting for me when I get back saying that I've got the px limited job after all. We live in hope!)

In case .hr proves not to let me get online, take care, folks, and have fun. :-)

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