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It's another mini adventure in idiocy

You may well have seen this already, but...

Last night, Dad went 60 miles up to Hexham to see his brother, his sister (who had flown in from the US) and their spouses. He stayed with them overnight. Accordingly, I went out to see Mum alone in the evening. Upon returning from going out to see Mum, I discovered that I had locked myself out. That's twice in two months, for those who are keeping count.

Oh dear. Walk to a public phone box, ring Directory Enquiries for said uncle's phone number. Using the 118 service advertised on the phone box, at 50p/minute, 30p proves insufficient, so in goes another pound. Tell Dad, who curses me appropriately. "Why do you only ever get locked out when I'm not there?" Because you're not there, Dad, obviously. I also forgot to take my key with me on the first day of work, but since you were in the house, you were able to let me in, thus averting the disaster. When we had the new lock installed, we had three keys made. Dad has one; the second is on my keyring, either lost somewhere or presumably left inside the house; the third is stored for safe keeping in a drawer upstairs. We are going to have to get a fake rock, but knowing us, we'll not be able to decide where to put it outside, and leave it inside along with this spare key.

Happily, crucially and slightly unusually, I have brought my wallet with me. Ring the exceptionally helpful and tremendously kind zorac, who lets dezzikitty know about my situation and stops her worrying about my extended absence. He also looks up a train time and discovers that I cannot get to town in time to catch the last train to Hexham and stay with the rest of the family, catch a lift back home with Dad the next day and so forth.

Have supper out, instead of eating what was in the house. Call at a friend's parents' house, but no response. They may have gone to bed (at about 9:30pm) so I decide not to press the issue. Reassess whether I am sufficiently friendly with any other local friends to throw myself and my incompetence upon their mercy and conclude not. (Note to self: make more local friends.) Go back to the nursing home and prepare to spend a night asleep on the spare chair in Mum's room - but I am tremendously fortunate and they are happy to help by giving me one of their unused rooms for the night. Have a not-very-good night's sleep - lots of dreams, a fair bit of waking, not much deep sleep. Dad will come and collect me from the nursing home when he returns from Hexham today.

If the nursing home had not unreasonably said no, then I would have trawled the B&Bs of the town - or, possibly, taken a bus 12 miles down the road to a seaside town where there are more B&Bs and lower prices. So, all told, far from homelessness, mostly because I am tremendously fortunate to be carrying a wallet with enough money to allay my fears in, but certainly slight worry. I have decamped to a local library with Internet access, and will keep reading the newspapers, before sloping back off to see Mum again. But, even so, I rushed out of Mum's room when the staff came to turn her from one position to another, and have left my scarf and gloves there... :-(
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