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A day late and a dollar short - Many a mickle maks a muckle

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January 28th, 2005

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08:10 pm - A day late and a dollar short
Welcome to Games Today on BBC Brain. It's Rabbit Hole Day, 27th January 2009. Don't forget that you can also share the show to watch at your convenience from BBC P2P, at p2p.bbc.co.uk, or you can just grab the transcript of today's show with your RSS reader if you read faster than you watch. In a packed show today we've got all the latest news and gossip. Chess results, poker results, console news, the latest games gossip from the World Economic Forum meeting at Davos and more.

Chess first, and game seven of Garry Kasparov's million-euro match against Peter Leko was a hard-fought draw in 39 moves. The match is really catching people's attention, with virtual attendance up to fourteen thousand. Kasparov remains one up with three more to play, with the markets quoting him as a 1.6 favourite to close out the match ahead. Vladimir Kramnik's recent world championship defence attracted very little of the attention of this Kasparov match; while there have been accusations that Kramnik stacked the challengers' matches with opposition he knew he could beat, Kasparov has reiterated that he has no interest in playing for the World Championship ever again. "It's all about the money, baby", he said, calling out world number one Vishy Anand with 2,000,000 euros of his own money on the line. We'll have full analysis of the game from Nigel Short, Bill Hartssssston and the Fritz Network later.

Last night's headline result from the party.poker Dealer's Choice Global League was a shock 325,000 euro swing from Team Harrah's Las Vegas to Manchester United PC. We'll run you through the online action from the spectacular Omaha Hi/Lo hand where United's Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott took over a quarter of a million euros by filling his straight draw on the river. "Never any doubt about it" said Ulliott, before flipping down his shades and picking up his guitar. Manchester United overtake Yahoo! UltimateBet to go sixth in the standings, taking their team bankroll back up to 9.8 million euros; South Korea remain on top on 19 million euros after a night off for the state team, followed by the Trump Corporation, Wynn Las Vegas, Ferrari and the Tiltboys. Nokia remain rooted to the foot of the table behind Team Hustler, Ryanair Betfair, Foxwoods and Ken Jennings' New York Yankees; Nokia, known primarily as an online team, will need a good result in the face-to-face round on Saturday to avoid having to play-off to retain their Global League place against European Conference leaders Monaco.

We turn our attention to Davos now. Sony have controversially chosen the World Economic Forum to launch Playstation Online. This new system, available only to people with a 32 megabit or higher Internet conenction, not only lets you play state-of-the-art computer games but also comes with an optional keyboard and mouse to let you run OpenOffice applications on the customised Sonux operating system. Microsoft and Apple really are worried about this new contender; 1920x1080 graphics on your HDTV in 16 million colours at 50 fps plus it'll run all the standard Office and Internet applications in a single box. The box comes free when you commit to a three year subscription, including a basic game rental service, at 49.99 per month. The glitzy launch was presented by top games designers Shigeru Miyamoto and Dr. Reiner Knizia, with President Clinton the first to ceremonially upload to the White House blog from the new machine.

Our first detailed report, though, is on persistent rumours that J. K. Rowling is set to release the so-called eighth Harry Potter book - a sequel to last year's surprisingly inconclusive Harry Potter and the Apocalypse - by continuing the story solely through the medium of an online game...

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Date:January 29th, 2005 04:02 am (UTC)
Well, that's a mightily fine crystal ball you have there, sir. Given that Games To-Day would be a news programme, you're probably right that it would be part of the BBC's nascent video-on-demand service, and it's only a matter of time before Auntie gives up the unequal struggle and lets peer-to-peer distribute such files for her. Still not sure about this live speech-to-RSS feed, though - plenty of room for miskeying and things to general Lego up the swan kneed.

Would the world's leaders still meet in person? Once a year, perhaps, and Davos is pretty much the place for it.

Only 14,000 spectators for a chess match, though? I suspect we're getting that sort of figure now. On the other hand, you're intimating that Mr Kasparov won't be the popular champion any more, and something of a second-string draw. Not going to argue there.

The plural of euro-as-in-€ is still euro, no matter how many people try to put a rogue "s", "e", "a", "ae", or "x" on the end. This is an error with the BBC style guide; to be exact, an error from BBC journalists not consulting the updated style guide as often as they ought.

32 megabit connections - perhaps not a consumer product by 2009. I think the fastest anywhere in the real world now is 8Mb/s, and while Moore's law is on your side, it's going to take until about 2012 before 32Mb/s is widely available in Europe. Still, we know what big corporations are like, launching their products to mark their territory a year or two in advance.

Top marks for including the reference to president Clinton, while quietly omitting any reference to the rumoured secession of sixteen of her states in the south and east. That would be for BBC World 24, and not Games To-Day.

In other news from 27 Jan 09:
* Countdown - Richard Whiteley makes bad pun.
* McCourt and Wood gain Palace approval for stunt involving Creamy Muck Muck and King William's brother Harry.
* Cruise ship Aurora "unavoidably detained" in Lewes harbour by engine failure.
* Robert Kilroy-Silk leaves the Robert Kilroy-Silk party.
* England win a rain-hit final test against South Africa; unless they lose the Ashes series 5-0, England will remain top of the test league this summer.
* Weather: cloudy with some drizzle, top temperatures around 8 degrees.
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Date:March 1st, 2009 10:48 am (UTC)


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