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I've got a fantastic entry for you today with insightful, original research and a couple of nice pictures. However, it also relies on you knowing about British advertainment of the early 1980s. Probably better to hide it

Undoubtedly the most famous packet chocolate biscuit - as opposed to bar chocolate biscuit - of 1980s Britain was McVities' Homewheat. This is because of a short series of adverts in which an idyllic nuclear family mingled together happily, returning from a day's huntin', shootin' and fishin' (possibly). However, naughty old Mummy has hidden the goodies for a joke! The scamp! A couple of quick scenes of fruitless searching later, the aforementioned confectionery are eventually revealed - the family dog has barked while pointing his nose in the correct direction. As you do, if you're a family dog (genus canis Lassius). In the background, a Commercial Babe [tm] sings "You'll never hide them... where they can't find them... for home's not home without Homewheat. (CHORUS: Nobody bakes them quite like McVities do!) Nobody bakes them like you!"... and so forth. Even if you don't remember the advertisement, you can probably get the idea clearly enough just from the fact that they are called Homewheat, rather than the considerably more technically accurate (albeit less catchy) McVitie's Fattening Teatime Carbo-Fare Of Chocolateyness.

Anyway, skip a couple of decades. Last month, the current Homewheat packaging looked like THIS:

However, now the current Homewheat packaging looks like THIS:

from which we are reluctantly forced to conclude that there is not a house left in the United Kingdom that is truly a home.

It's very sad.
, I fear.

Hmm. My LJ may not be the best place to disseminate this information, but it's got to be worth a try.

In other news, one of the less famous BBC weathermen wore an understated-yet-wacky tie with stars and stripes upon it tonight. If I had one, I'd be wearing it tonight too. If you're having a good one, have a good one from me.

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