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Thanks - Many a mickle maks a muckle

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September 26th, 2002

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02:40 pm - Thanks
A quick note of thanks to everyone who replied to last night's post; your comments were helpful towards trying to help me think more clearly about how I feel and very much appreciated. Thanks also to those who just sent miscellaneous sympathetic thoughts without commenting. I had a very bad night last night - I couldn't get what it was that was upsetting me so much out of my mind (too much thinking about "don't think about...") and was fearful of nightmares which, happily, didn't come.

At the moment it's just a case of taking things a day at a time, an hour at a time and trying to find enough other things to think about to distract myself from getting too distressed about it. I will be making a complaint to the appropriate body (which, in this case, is the ITC) and am just trying to get my head together to make the best, most effective complaint possible. (To be fair, I would hope that the ITC were used to trying to be sympathetic towards woolily-expressed complaints, but it's in my interest to make their job easy.)

They'll be solving the first day's puzzles right now in Oulu. I'll try to think about them instead and get the second half of that puzzles article written. Lots of interesting things left to write about there.

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