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Pools Panel

Today I haven't:
  • failed my driving test
  • passed my driving test
Today I have:
  • tried ringing 17070 in the new flat, which did work; finding out what the phone number at the flat was means that I can have a new phone number there from 9am tomorrow, rather than having to wait another three weeks for an engineer to needlessly call. W00t.
  • written my first article on Wikipedia to fill a missing gap in the market for an article about football pools.
I did the latter of these so that I could explain the concept of "the pools panel" and suggest in my best Tim Gudgin voice that the result was

Chris Dickson P-P Driving Test (Postponed due to snow. Pools Panel verdict: no-score draw.)

but on reflection I'm not sure it's worth it. I shall be sent a new date for my driving test when, hopefully, it shall be neither snowy nor icy. Fingers crossed that it is much sooner than the five-week-plus delay that taking it and failing it would have incorporated into the system.

Comments on the Wikipedia article are most welcome; better still, of course, would be to improve the article!
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