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Prediction Puddle

I remain very interested in the concept of using LJ as a medium through which to play games. undyingking is currently running a LJ interpretation of the board game Inspiration, which is comparable to the game Balderdash and fairly similar to the parlour game known as The Dictionary Game, Fictionary Dictionary and the like. I'm doing poorly, but it's still entertaining.

daweaver ran a prediction game in 2005 under the guise of Mystic Mug and is running another one in 2006: make numerical predictions about sixteen events to happen this year (a decidedly cosmopolitan selection this year, occasionally bordering on obscurity), make two predictions that you think will verifiably come true but other people will consider unlikely and correctly vote "yes" or "no" on these predictions everyone makes. I won a king's ransom by winning last year's competition, mostly aided by Google not updating its page count in January and February and the Bank of England not lowering its base rate in December. The scoring system could do with a category E (and F?) and losing the near-game-breaking category A but I dare say many of you would enjoy taking part. The entry deadline is on 4th January (so, er, tomorrow) and you can enter here.

bateleur is also running a more personalised prediction game - wherein participants are invited to nominate an answer to each of six multiple-choice questions about how the year to come might affect him and his family. As I only rip off the very best, here's my version. Six multiple-choice questions, a point for each correct answer. I'll close the polls in about eight days or so, providing my predictions and commentary as to how plausible I think each possibility is.

Poll #644725 Prediction Puddle 2006

Regarding Meg, on 31st December 2006:

We are married.
We engaged and living together.
We are engaged, but not living together.
Oh dear, it's all gone pear-shaped.

Regarding work:

I remain in my current shift work position all year.
I move to an office-hours position within the same company this year.
I moved to another company this year and work full-time.
By the end of 2006, I am not working full-time.

Regarding my living arrangements, during the last week of 2006:

I live in my current apartment in Middlesbrough.
I have moved back in to what I think of as Dad's house.
I live elsewhere, within 6 miles of my current apartment.
I live elsewhere, further afield.

Regarding health, during 2006:

I suffer minor colds and flu with no more than a week lost due to illness.
I suffer more serious transient illnesses.
Meg or Dad suffers a breakage, needs inpatient hospital treatment or has some other serious problem.
I suffer a breakage, need inpatient hospital treatment or has some other serious problem.

Regarding games:

By the end of the year I get to play 4-player (or more) games in person frequently.
By the end of the year I get to play 2-player games in person frequently.
At least seven full-ish days (either calendar or 24-hour) of games or puzzles, but that's about it.
Not even seven full-ish days of games or puzzles.

Regarding adventures and misadventures: (Any correct answer scores a point.)

I drink six or more units of alcohol in 24 hours at least once in 2006.
I become aware of getting at least a spoken name check on TV seen by at least 25,000 viewers.
I go to Bulgaria and blog live from the World Puzzle Championship.
I have more than 300 Friends-of throughout December.
I fail my driving test three more times.
I weigh over 203 pounds, weighhing myself as close to 1/1/07 as is convenient.
I spend nights in two countries I have not yet spent nights in.
I spend at least an hour on each of at least 20 days in November exercising or practicing a language, a musical instrument or another skill.
I take up playing poker for money and end up at least £10 up over the year.
I am involved in a car accident which costs me at least £150.
I visit a police station at least once in 2006.
All eleven possibilities above prove false.

As bateleur says, it's not like a wishing well - what you hope will happen is not the issue. If you can't stick to objective predicitions then please don't play at all. Also, please don't change your answers after reading what others have chosen. (For instance, dezzikitty is likely to be pretty good at this - no fair changing your answers to match hers.)

Clarification: If I'm lucky enough to be playing both 4-or-more-player and 2-player games regularly, the 4-player games trump the 2-player ones and that's the only category that will score. Feel free to change this answer if it makes a difference.

Other predictions for 2006, for you, for me or for the world at large are most welcome, whether serious or jovial.
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