Teesside Snog Monster (jiggery_pokery) wrote,
Teesside Snog Monster

Hello from Heathrow!

Am at Heathrow airport, all checked in and ready to go through the monster security queue before my 4:00 pm flight to NYC (VS 009, if you're curious). Will take lots of care and not do anything hasty or suspicious. There are POLICEMEN with MACHINE-GUNS walking around the terminal, but I've seen them talking perfectly relaxedly and pleasantly to a bunch of kids, so it is not as worrying as you'd think. I have incidentally discovered a lift going from Departures to Arrivals within Terminal 3 of which I was not previously aware, which is nice.

Have been down in London for the last two nights helping out at the tenth annual Mind Sports Olympiad, this year back to London and in the University of Westminster (opposite Madam Tussaud's, near Baker Street station). This year's event is a little smaller than the Manchester ones, but the admin looks very well under control. We have slightly fewer events than usual; most of the usual games, except the ones which only drew small numbers of entrants, and "mental skills" competitions are down to two - Mental Calculations and Creative Thinking. mr_babbage, your nemesis has entered this year. You know what to do.

Fingers crossed, my next post may be from New York with some very good news. φιλιοσ-type Love to all and all sorts of love to dezzikitty... :-)

ETA: You know it's φιλη. I know it's φιλη. That's 50 pence worth of error, that is.

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