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1. Six Apart recently invited questions from members of the LiveJournal community and are posting answers in lj_feedback, which is a pretty damn nifty thing to do. Three of my (ten!) questions have been answered so far, and at least one in someone else's words. One of the questions I asked concerned LJ's considerations about international law; their answer was not entirely convincing and I have some sympathy (to varying extents) for these views, expressed by the LiveJournalist formerly known as daweaver. On the downside, lj_biz has this discussion of forthcoming sponsored communities and features, which has been taken by some to translate to "adverts on some parts of the site for paid users". Not surprisingly, 90% of the reaction to the announcement has varied from "no, thank you" to "no, fuck you". I've tried to be measured about this and you can see my reaction.

Certainly it's interesting to see the evolution in the Social Contract to the Guiding Principles, to the Less Principled Guiding Principles. LJ has become harder to love as a result. I'm here for the community, so I'm not leaving because you lot are the best thing going, but moves like this and the anger they create do flicker disloyal thoughts through my mind. It'll be interesting to note if pillars of the community (some of you lot and some key developers and staff members) leave; some already have, if not necessarily very recently. That could well spell the exodus to the four winds.

2. Some time ago, I recorded some parts of a Harry Potter fan fiction radio play; this has come to fruition and the first half of this forms part of the most recent SpellCast Fiction Alley podcast. I think the play has turned out pretty well; some of the other actors (of both genders!) are excellent. I am less than happy with my part - partly this is inevitable self-criticism and partly this is because I clearly have less advanced recording equipment than the others but partly because some of the others clearly are excellent and I am not. Still well worth a listen, though!

3. Britain's foremost geek comedian, Dave Gorman, and the world's foremost of-his-type comedian, Jon Stewart, together at last! Mathematics + confusion + crudity = hilarity, as ever.

With this in mind, here are some polls. As ever, the truth lies somewhere between the extremes and hopefully you will debate the shades of grey in the comments.

Poll #833846 Poll smoking

These two maxims appear to contradict each other. Which is more important? How do you resolve the apparent contradiciton?

"You should always be conservative in your behaviour and liberal in the behaviour you're prepared to accept from your friends."
"A true friend is one who's prepared to tell you when you're wrong, so you should tell your true friends when they're out of line."

Which of these is correct? How do you resolve the apparent contradiciton?

A good society has such a strong sense of humour that no topics should be sacred.
There are always some topics that are too sacred to be the topic of humour.

I think this is different enough from the last question, because it applies to you personally rather than society at large, that it's worth asking separately. How do you resolve the apparent contradiciton?

I believe that a strong sense of humour is so important that no topics actually are sacred to me.
I believe that some topics are so important, serious and sacred that I would never joke about them.

There can be only on

Xabi Alonso, star midfielder for Liverpool FC and Spain
Fernando Alonso, star Formula One driver for Renault
Alfonso Alonso, bats .389 for the San Francisco Tickyboxes and has an Olympic gold medal at ice dancing

I do like theferrett's guide to avoiding psychodrama, but please accept that these are genuine hypothetical questions rather than ones creating a covert post of type three with a hidden meaning to be unpicked.
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