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The perfect swap, team

I bought some blank rewritable DVDs the last time I was in the USA, on the grounds that they would be much cheaper than in the UK and brought them home. It turns out that my DVD drive is a Sony DVD RW DRU-5000, whose support page says "4X DVD-RW media is not compatible for recording with your drive, please use 1X or 2X compatible DVD-RW media only." What did I bring back from the USA? 4x DVD-RW media. Nuts.

Accordingly I would like to swap 10 Dynex 4x DVD-RW disks, in big chunky cases, for eight or so disks that I can use. (My 10 for your 8 in order to make it worth your effort. One of the DVDs has been tried once, the rest haven't.) I would prefer 2.4x speed DVD+RW media, but I'll take anything off this page, or failing that, any standard sort of writeable (ideally rewriteable) DVDs. I have no clue about region coding.

UK swappers preferred, to cut down on P&P costs, but any interest welcomed. All comments will be screened. If you recognised the obscure reference in the title then award yourself fifty smuggits.
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