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The ITC have replied to me with regard to my complaint at the end of last week, disagreeing with my opinions. Furthermore, they stated that they had not received any other complaints on the same matter. Worse, last night I had an unpleasant dream about the incident in question, only writ rather more large in the exaggerated fashion that dreams tend to do, as viewed at the house of a member of my Friends list.

In conclusion, then I am wrong (as far as an opinion can be wrong - but the ITC are the definitive arbiters of taste in this regard) and I am the only person who is wrong. This makes me rather less likely to reveal what it is I am wrong about in this instance in the future. Those who know, or can guess, kindly keep it to yourselves.

I do not expect my letter directly to the channel in question to find any differently, because it would seem very unlikely that they would declare that they were wrong in their own editorial judgement when the ITC don't believe they are. I may investigate to see whether the National Viewers and Listeners' Association (aka Mary Whitehouse's old lot) still exists and would take it up with them, or whether there is some other body prepared to hear appeals.

On the other hand, the fact that I am the only person who feels this way - at least, to the extent of making a complaint on the matter - suggests that it probably would be a waste of public time, money and emotion to take this very much further to higher public bodies. (Some way further is justified, very much further probably isn't.) There have been some very successful one-person campaigns in the past, but when the central issue is evidently an subjective one of taste rather than an objective one of fact, it's hard to argue that such a campaign would be in the public interest or that it would be at all likely to have a positive net effect.

Not happy. Today should get better later, if only by default.

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