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So if I decide that a reply I was going to make is a little bit too off-topic and off-colour for the newsgroup, that doesn't mean I can't post it to my LiveJournal, does it?

The strange thing is that this came as part of a thread about how interesting and entertaining the newsgroup had been recently. I chickened out of posting this there because it's probably better not to lower the tone any further than it already is...
In article <oq6kqusu2cl1mbet4qtqv7j2sf6pv1edga@4ax.com>, chris319 
<c319chris@aol.com> writes
>>It's too bad that most of the
>>people in the "real world" of game shows consider this the lunatic
>What other newsgroup has doves flying out of Carol Merrill's sequined butt?

What, can you not get


on your newsserver? 

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