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BoardGameCamp: coming soon to London

OK, this is shamefully close to a blog version of a retweet, but it deserves a signal boost for the benefit of at least some of the people who'll see this. James Wallis posts:

Mark your diaries: Saturday 9th October is BoardGameCamp, part of the London Games Festival, brought to you by the same people who were behind GameCamp back in April, in the same place. We’ll be playing games old and new, hosting discussion sessions and seminars on all types of tabletop games, and even running a competition for teams to concept, design, build and playtest a game in six hours… with some truly awesome prizes.

More to follow, but the first tranche of tickets will go on sale on Friday (£10 including lunch). Last time we accidentally put them all online at once and they still sold out in half an hour, so don’t hang around.
ETA: tickets are expected to be released at 11am, UK time, on Friday, and will probably go at least as quickly.

I didn't get to go to the last GameCamp, but second-hand reports suggest that there was a very heavy emphasis on digital games, so I didn't mind missing it nearly as much as I thought I would do. Unfortunately I'm going to be working day shifts on Friday 8th, Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th, so I'm not going to be able to go to this one, which would seem to be rather more to my taste.

Mostly for the UK games people from hereon, this one.

Something very exciting coming up soon is GameCamp, an unconference of the style where people who hopefully know lots about game-related topics can get together to discuss and play. The first GameCamp took place a couple of years back and this picture of the co-operatively generated schedule board suggests the sort of subject matter, though sadly there doesn't seem to be much other documentation about it and it wasn't even blogged about in as much detail as I'd like.

It's going to take place in That London (well, Richmond, which is -upon-Thames and thus London to the rest of us) on May 8th October 9th; tickets are released at noon on Friday 12th March 27th August, or this Friday. I am unlikely to be able to go, by virtue of that being likely to be bang in the middle of when we're in Italy I'm on the day shift, but I'd really appreciate it if someone knowledgeable could go, have conversations like these on my behalf with people who are smarter than me and tell me what the conclusions are:

Why aren't gamers interested in game shows?
Why hasn't there ever been another laser tag?
Why are people computer gamers, RPG players, Games Workshop fans and so on rather than just gamers?
How can the UK get a top-3 World Puzzle Championship team before 2020?

I'm happy to start y'all off and would love to do so in person, but a conversation is better than a monologue. (Or a monololgue, as I Freudian-copy-and-pasted.)

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