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Re-record, not fade away

Seldom, if ever, have I deliberately made successive posts that bore so many similarities without being identical, but here goes.

1) The third and final round of tickets for BoardGameCamp, near London on Saturday October 9th, was released on Friday and some of them still seem to be available as I type. The first round of tickets went in about 15 minutes, the second round in about four hours and the third round has been available for about two and a half days now. This is interesting because (a) I'd have thought that, if anything, it would have been the other way around considering how word does or doesn't get around and (b) it suggests that they have the number of tickets about right. I went on and on about how great the event sounds a couple of weeks ago; this is just a signal boost in case anyone didn't apply for a ticket and then subsequently regretted not doing so.

2) Logic Masters India are holding the available-to-the-world edition of the Indian Puzzle Championship this weekend. The 2½ hour paper has 25 puzzles; start them at any time of your choice after noon GMT (1pm BST, 8am EDT, 5am PDT, etc.) on Sunday, submit your answers within 2&frac; hours and before noon GMT (1pm BST, 8am EDT, 5am PDT, etc.) on Monday. I took part and really, really enjoyed it; I solved nine puzzles in 2½ hours, but was a minute away from finishing the tenth and felt like I could have had a real go at the rest with another hour or two. Some other puzzle contests are filled with puzzles that leave me feeling that I wouldn't be able to crack them with six hours because it's difficult to know where to get started; this one was really to my taste in terms of difficulty (i.e., like last week, really pretty accessible) and content. I'm very impressed with Logic Masters India for two excellent tests in two weeks; very good tests, but also a very good site in terms of its submission engine. I have long hoped for a site like LMI to exist, only permitting people to set their own puzzle competitions; if LMI would be willing to take puzzle test submissions from the world at large - which I get the impression they are - then they have inadvertently realised my dream.

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