Teesside Snog Monster (jiggery_pokery) wrote,
Teesside Snog Monster

Birthday SAQ

Chris M. Dickson's birthday Sufficiently Asked Questions, v 0.000001.00.000.000000.1.0

Wednesday, October 23rd. (Next Wednesday.)

How old?

What can I do for you?
No cards, no presents, no e-mail, no getting away with just an entry in your LJ. Instead, please speak to me on the day itself.

How to speak to me?
I will be publishing a live telephone number on that day on which I can be reached. Alternatively, I will be on Instant Messenger services and will be available for Internet chat through a microphone.

Your real telephone number?
Yes. My downstairs phone number is already on the record, but my upstairs one isn't.

Is this some sort of premium rate phone number scam? Will you make $200 from me when I call?
No. That's what I'm doing instead next year.

I'm too poor to afford a phone call and don't have a microphone on my computer. Will you accept reverse charge ("collect") phone calls?
No, but at least I'll find out you've made one and gratefully assume your best wishes. Alternatively, you could give me your phone number and I could call you.

Do you really want me to call? I hardly know you!
Yes, you. Even if you're reading this on a Friends page, on a Friendsfriends page, on someone else's friends page, on someone else's friendsfriends page or if you just found my journal by pressing the "Random LiveJournal" button, I would love to hear from you. Even if you think I don't know you, feel free to call.

I haven't spoken to you for years / ever before!
Please regard this as sufficient excuse. I will be especially pleased to hear from you.

I've never called anyone who I hardly know in the UK before!
Perhaps you could regard this as sufficient excuse to do so as well.

So I'm calling someone I don't know. What should I say?
Whatever you like. I will keep the call short if you like. You can find out more about me by reading my interests page or the rest of this LiveJournal, for instance.

Do I need to sing "Happy Birthday" to you?
Definitely not. Unless you want to.

Is this for real?

Would you do it for me?
I'd like to think I would. Give me the chance and we will see.

How many people do you expect to take you up on this?
I don't know and that's part of the reason why I'm doing this. Maybe eight. If I can get to double figures then I'll be very pleased.

What you say?
You have no chance to survive make your time, but that's not important right now.

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