July 6th, 2002


Advertainment (part 359)

Ooh, let's go all Loughborough. (Pronounce that lough-borough, or "low"-"brow".)

For the benefit of non-Brits, I have just seen the funniest new British TV advert for a while. It's the third in a series, but easily the best in it yet and I don't think context is necessarily required.

The screen is set up as if live coverage of a springboard diving event. A competitor does a very fancy dive, we get a quick replay and see a shot of the judges awarding high marks. A second competitor does an even fancier dive, which the commentator raves about even further and earns higher points still. (The anticipation of a classic ad has bitten in at this point. Set the gag up with two examples, then cut to the punchline.)

Then a fat British comedian gets up onto the three-metre platform, runs along it at top speed, takes a single big bounce, wraps his knees up into a tuck position and jumps as far from the springboard as he can. The level of splash produced is spectacularly large, as opposed to spectacularly small, and all the judges get soaked. "Top bombing!" says the commentator and the judges award a string of perfect 10s. "No nonsense" is the tagline, advertising a popular brand of beer.

Wonder if they used a stuntman or camera trickery? They must have done somewhere, otherwise it would have bloody hurt. Good on said fat comedian if he did do it all himself.

A hilarious sight gag, an excellent pastiche of one of the more fascinating (but arbitrary!) sports and some good-natured, victimless violence. What more could you ever want from an ad?