September 11th, 2002


Slash Dot Dot Revolution

Over the past five years or so, I've become a lot less fond of video games in general and amusement arcades in particular than I used to be. The concept is still one which promises a thrilling sort of fun and joy, but there has been a shift in emphasis which I don't like. However, even though they typify the sort of thing I don't like, I am very impressed by Dance Dance Revolution, the associated Bemanix games and those who are good at them (waves at brakusjs, leiabelle and others). Slashdot had a beginner's guide to the "phenomena" (sic - why plural?) (do-doo do-doo-do) some time ago.

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Where were you when...

They say that people always remember where they were when they heard Kennedy was assassinated. The thought of there being an event so crucial to the world that everyone remembers where they were when it takes place is a powerful one. It's not on the same scale, but I remember being at a small party in the room next door at university when we all heard about the Conservatives' election collapse in '97.

I remember coming down to watch some late night TV when I found out that Princess Diana had been in a serious accident which would turn out to be fatal. (Indeed, I suspect that the technique of "Where were you when you found out..." is much less powerful than it used to be, because so many people find out major news events from instant newsflash TV coverage these days and will continue to do so in the future.) On a happier note, I remember watching England beat Germany 5-1 on TV in the qualifying round of the World Cup very clearly.

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I'm trying to think about forgiveness, but I'll never forget.
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