September 27th, 2002


Puzzles aplenty

(Am feeling a little more cheerful now. Have written a letter expressing my concerns. If it still looks sensible in the cold, hard light of morning then I will send it to both the ITC and the Duty Office of the appropriate channel.

I am a smidgeon down on Flash animations at the moment, having seen too many too recently which turned out to be stealth horror sickos. However, brakusjs, who has an excellent record on such things, plugged "My Sweet Darlin'" in his LJ. Might it be the new Irrational Exuberance, only more family-friendly? Could be. Highly recommended if you like at least two or more of the following: silly Flash videos, pseduo-Japanese things, DDR, cartoon cows, cartoon fruit. A content warning for strobing images applies to the photosensitive epileptics in the house.)

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Live from Finland!

OK, this isn't original content from me, but you won't find it anywhere else. Two mails (ever so slightly edited) from Ken Wilshire of the UK team in the WPC in Oulu, Finland. ericklendl, the vocab-o-predict-o-game isn't over yet.

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