October 10th, 2002


National Poetry Day

The Poetry Society have declared it to be National Poetry Day today. To celebrate this, the BBC News website organised a game of poetry consequences among its readers in which each player contributes a rhyming couplet to some ongoing doggerel.

The BBC's effort was distinctly beatable. There are enough witty, wordy folks reading this that trying something similar here might turn out to be a disaster but should at least be a fun disaster.

We shall not get too ambitious and restrict ourself to the ancient art of the limerick so that there's a reasonable chance that we'll get the blighter finished. You know the form: aabba rhyming pattern, syllables 2 and 5 (and 8 in lines 1, 2 and 5) are strong, that sort of thing. Whoever finishes the first can start a second if they like.

Kindly add the next as-yet-unwritten line to:

"There was a young LiveJournal geek,
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