October 12th, 2002


Six impossible things before breakfast

So bateleur got me thinking in the shower...

Live Action Super Bomberman.

Take a hangar or somesuch, say, 25 yards by 15 yards. Mark square yards on it. Place four people in the corners. Put a translucent heads-up-display style visor on each person. You overlay details of which squares are blocked out, which squares contain bombs, powers-up and the like onto the visors, which are connected to the master computer by a wireless network. The players then run around the hangar dropping bombs and trying to blow each other up, with their game position and visor view changing according to which square they're in and which direction they're facing. (People who do not respect the virtual walls get disqualified.) This music, or something similar, would be playing in the background.

Would that not be nifty?

Of course, traditionally Super Bomberman is played from a god's-eye-view of the gameboard rather than this first-person perspective view. You'd at least be able to see where the other players were in the arena.