October 22nd, 2002


Decent start to the day

My favourite web site in all the world, boringly enough, is probably BBC News. In just one relatively quick browse it has told me:
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My second favourite web site in all the world, inevitably, is this one - good ol' LiveJournal. I certainly spend more time at lj.com, but the reason why I prefer the BBC News site is that I don't attribute all lj.com's excellent content to the site, more to all you lovely people. Collapse )

Budget airline alert: at last, no-frills airlines come to the north-east, not far from my prediction. Easyjet (check), Newcastle (check - but damn), Spring (check), 2003 (a year earlier than planned). Bonus! They are siting two planes there to begin with, expected to service three European cities, with two more planes coming in 2004. Next guessing game is "which European cities"; the logical guesses based on Easyjet's past patterns would be Amsterdam, Barcelona and Geneva, but I wouldn't be surprised by Nice instead of Geneva - or to see any of the old Go favourites get chosen.

I actually started this entry quite early in the afternoon. Damn, another less-than-productive day. :-/

The science of Goldilocks

Had tomato soup for lunch today. zorac may well chastise me (we had a long-running respectful discussion concerning the use of tomatoes in savoury dishes) but I'm very keen on tomato soup for lunch. Heinz's soup advertises that half a can of the stuff provides two of your five daily portions of fruit and vegetables, so I'm sold on it right away. (There is some soup advertised on TV as being three portions per serving. Mmm!)

You might also recall that I have a thing about thermometers. Downstairs we have an old-fashioned mercury thermometer which I believe was intended to be used for sugars and caramels - but there's no reason why it can't be used for soup, either.

Results of the great soup temperature experiment, day 1:
Papa "too bastard hot, are you trying to scald my tongue?" Bear: 188°F (86°C)
Mama "send it back and bring us a hotter portion, waiter" Bear: 117°F (47°C)
"Certified just right, mmm-hmm" Baby Bear brand: 143°F (62°C)

More results as we get them. Incidentally, the experts suggest that soup should be served at between 155°F and 160°F, which I now believe. (Ambition #176: go to the poshest restaurant in town and order a bowl of not-Gazpacho soup to be served at between 155°F and 160°F - and have it served at that temperature without an annoyed waiter having slashed in it first.)

Incidentally, this mercury thermometer and my posh digital thermometer cannot agree on the temperature inside our fridge. The ol' mercury analogue claims a nice, safe 43°F (a shade over 6°C) whereas the digital suggests a worryingly high, bacteria-friendly 8.5°C. It's like watches; a man with one always knows the time, a man with two is never sure...

(Am I the only one who pronounces the HTML tag for the ° symbol as "And-and-deg"?)
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