October 26th, 2002



For the last two nights, when I've been going to bed, I've had a sore back. I have tentatively blamed this on bad posture when using the computer - I have the keyboard so far away from me that I have to lean forward to use it. Accordingly, today I have moved the keyboard much closer to me and now I nearly have to lean back to use it comfortably. However, in doing so, my current chair does not really give the top of my back enough support and it suddenly becomes uncomfortable in my back just above where the back of my chair stops. Am trying other chairs in house, but suspect I have no better ones. I recall that good quality office chairs are rather expensive. Might get a good quality chair instead of new spectacles after all.

Don't feel like being at the computer much at the moment. If my volume of communication drops for a few days, it's not because I'm not in a good mood. (Conversely, if I do start to post more, it's because I've discovered a way to type while lying on my stomach...)
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