October 27th, 2002


Pointless post, second of two

Is this a post just to illustrate the jollity of the clock having gone back an hour and so producing some amusing-looking but really quite understandable consequences?

Why, yes, it is. I am now off to enjoy an extra hour in bed. (My back is better than it was earlier, thank you.)

Spring forward, fall back. You'll never be confused between the two again.

Ha ha ha! Stupid LiveJournal. I quote:

Error updating journal:
  • Incorrect time value: Your most recent journal entry is dated 2002-10-27 01:54, but you're trying to post one at 2002-10-27 01:04 without the backdate option turned on. Please check your computer's clock. Or, if you really mean to post in the past, use the backdate option.

LiveJournal gets confused by daylight savings time changes. I have had to advance my clock 50 minutes accordingly.