November 1st, 2002


Make money very slowly

You may know that I wrote a published book. I take a faintly guilty pleasure in this given the number of fantastic fiction writers I know who are far more deserving of publication than I am. Recently it was republished in the USA and today I got a cheque pertaining to the sales. Now what this means in practice is that the effective hourly rate I received for writing the book very, very slowly has jumped from somewhere below the national minimum wage to possibly 25% above it. Collapse )

We have now reached the eleventh month of the year, at least in this time zone, so NaNoWriMo is now in effect. (OK, so it's the National Novel Writing Month, but NaNoWriMo was a word just waiting to become a backronym - or, at least, a back-sort-of-acronym.) I think seven of my Friends - bluebyrd, flourish, hawkida, tranquillo, calliaume, missingdonut and verlaine - are in on this year's iteration of the literary marathon and will each attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in the next 720 hours. Such an activity defines the adjective nice-mad and I shall persistently be in awe at their achievement. Hugs, warm thoughts and bushels of excellent ideas which cannot be described in less than a few thousand words to them all.

Walked to town today to pay this cheque into the bank. Got an appointment for an eye test (next Wednesday, 2:30pm, GBP 17) and visited a computer shop for advice on my video card problems. Collapse )
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Latest computer woes

My computer has always made a high-pitched tone that does not appear straight away once you turn it on but starts fairly soon afterwards. There some seem to be two concurrent notes, the second (and higher) of which sometimes seems to come and go. This may just be due to something as simple as interference patterns and my head moving from peak to trough and vice versa. It's definitely from the computer becasue eventually it starts even when speakers and monitor and off. Recently it seems to have got rather louder. I would like to own a volume level meter some day to measure things like this.

On top of that, this monitor seems to be making intermittent noises which can only be described as "sizzling". I am now more worried than before. I shall have to check up on dates, but I guess this is about 35 months old or so; I hope the warranties last for three years. Around the house I think we have two 14" monitors which are capable of 640x480 at 16 colours, but if that's enough for Windows safe mode then it's just about enough for me. (I also had a 15" which would do 1024x768 in lots of colours, but I can't find it. How can one lose a 15" monitor? I suspect I may have let someone borrow it some time ago.)

Accordingly I may be around rather less than usual for a while. Alternatively I might revert to my old PC with the noisier fan and the older software on it, but this isn't something I favour simply because it's only convenient to have all your mail in one place...
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