November 3rd, 2002


Pinnacles of civilization

Computer still performing OK. Monitor is sizzling a bit intermittently, but if it's going to go "pop" then I'd like it to do so in the next three or four weeks, within three years of receipt, not that I can find the warranty information easily.

Made a bit of a schoolboy productivity error yesterday. Collapse )

If the Olympic Games are the biggest sporting event in the world, then the bidding process for them might be the biggest contest in the world. People are talking now about the 2012 Olympics, due to be awarded in 2005. Collapse )

Lastly, a couple of quick Collapse )

Today, I have been mostly playing...

...Civilization II.

Have been playing another ten or so hours of Civ II today. I wrote about a thousand words or so on the game, but Explorer crashed and I lost them. Normally I copy-and-paste the running text to some other file, but I only intended this to be a short entry and so didn't bother. Then I got a bit carried away. Whoops. Maybe I'll go back and rewrite it tomorrow.

Short version: ten or eleven hours in, AD 1943, Prince level, cities named after Friends list members (so sometimes you get things like "addedentry built a library", I'm clearly the strongest force in the game, five rival civilizations left, each with about eight cities, so I doubt I'll get a complete military victory. I have about 52,000,000 citizens, about 12,000 gold, largest city is size 31, score is over 800, should take about another four hours to complete the game tomorrow. Video working properly unlike yesterday, monitor not sizzling. Lots of fun all round.
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