November 5th, 2002


Still not king...

...I was President, though, if that counts.

Finishing off yesterday's game of Civilization II took far longer than I expected today - about another ten hours. The quick version is that the Germans built the Manhattan Project and launched three or four nuclear missiles at me. Some of the fallout was extremely inconveniently placed, so I couldn't clean it up at all quickly and this resulted in global warming. However, I stuck with it and managed to sort most of the consequences out. It was an intense and involving experience and a lot of fun; hopefully I have now kicked the Civ habit for another two or three years, but we'll see.

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I wish I could fly, right up to the sky, but I can't

When you fly on a commercial flight, your flight will be announced as something like BA1966, with the first two characters representing the airline. BA is British Airways, DL is Delta Air Lines, SQ is Singapore Airlines and so on. Letter-only combinations have either been exhausted or gone out of fashion and the new US low-cost airline, JetBlue, have B6 as their code. No idea why.

Unfortunately a company called Air Sunshine have taken YI. If that combination of letters had still been available then I would have started a company called Geordie Airlines which would operate a single flight from Newcastle just so I could call it YI001.

You might have to be British to get that one.

If not, you can at least benefit from this list of USA-UK flights ordered by destinations and details of which airlines serve them. Next time I'm flying between Manchester and JFK, I'm going with Pakistan International.
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