November 15th, 2002


There's only one Sid Sackson

Haven't really been inspired to new entries, really; lots of things I could write about at really any point, not much that I desperately want to write about right this instant. I'm just getting on with little things quietly, which is a slight improvement on the usual - some progress is being made.

Chris Dickson alert: the skipper of Oracle BMW Racing is 2-0 up in the quarter-final of the "double chance" fleet of the Louis Vuitton Cup, having won nine races in a row in the high-tech USA-76 yacht. Match 3 of the QF is in progress now. Unfortunately no online radio stations seem to be covering the LVC live (unless, of course, you know better... ringbark, perhaps?) and I don't feel it's worth US$24.95 of anybody's money to watch all 120 races live and in 3D. The Oracle BMW Racing site does at least have a live ticker updated every couple of minutes, which lets us know that USA-76 are leading by one boatlength right now, nearly at the half-way point, and that super-skipper Chris Dickson is set to go 3-0 up by winning his tenth race in a row. I shall keep you posted.

This weekend, Stephen Tavener and Rosie Tavener-Jones are getting married. Instead of holding a reception, they're holding a games convention called ConSummation instead. I do like the adjective "nice-mad" and it was coined with Stephen and Rosie firmly in mind. Have fun, especially if you're watching Chamber of Secrets; I shall be having fun in my own way. I shall return on Sunday evening.

Further to last Wednesday's entry, I made sure to play games designed by the recently departed game designer Sid Sackson at the Middlesbrough Gamers Club on Tuesday evening. Collapse )
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