December 9th, 2002


I wanna be a winner

Very seasonal little awards show this year. Further commentary on the subject of the Sports Personality of the Year would only really make sense if you've already read my first entry on the subject, so I shall hide the rest (including the other things I meant to say first time, but forgot) Collapse )

Unrelated thought: how would one organise a competition to see who has the best sense of balance - a World Balance Championships, if you like? Would it an interesting sort of competition to hold or to watch?

Another unrelated thought: bootup time has lengthened already. One guess as to the major suspect - that dratted RealOne Player. Prime95 offers an option to automatically start processing once the boot process has completed - or, specifically, 90 seconds after the start of the boot process. Once bootup has finished, it tells you how long the program needs to wait before the 90 seconds are up; effectively, this provides a way to time the boot process. If anything else slows down the boot process unduly, I shall keep you informed.
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