December 28th, 2002


Going out of range

Am off to Edinburgh soon - Tanya Fox (gamer Tanya Fox, not either of the Tanyas Fox with work-unsafe web sites which you might choose to find yourselves) has thrown her home open to about a couple of dozen gamers over the New Year period for an extended board gaming party. Another gamer has kindly provided extended overnight accommodation. Extreme good fortune indeed. Should be several barrels of laughs.

Accordingly I may well be out of contact for the rest of the year (translation: until next Thursday) but if I can get the chance to check in with you fine folk then I'll do so. (If I don't, please don't worry about me - assume I'm too busy having fun.) Just in case I don't, may I pre-emptively wish you all, your families and friends very happy new years. Take care of yourselves; filial love and good fortune to you all.
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