February 14th, 2003


Insolvency, comedy and mystery

Networking question: does anyone have any contacts with anyone in the (British government's) Insolvency Service? I saw some posts there advertised in the local newspaper and am keen to find out more about what it's like to work there as a prelude to possible application.

Do go and read ericklendl - he's written some spectacularly funny bad romantic doggerel and Tolkeinesque sonnets. In a vaguely similar vein, new Radio 4 comedy show The 99p Challenge had a particularly silly round this week, challenging the panellists to act as councillors at the Council of Middle Earth. So if you want to hear what they reported from their parishoners, other than for the installation of further CCTV in Mordor, do go and listen. (It's a little over eighteen minutes through the show.)

Finally, a paranoia question; the answers aren't particularly interesting, it's the line of thinking that applies generally. Do you think that I am using any LiveJournal filters to write things for subsections of my Friends list in which you (you personally) have not been included? Does the fact that I am even asking this question affect your opinion on this matter?
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The obligatory Valentine's Day update

I received one card today. It had no Valentine's Day connections; I feel I can be as sure about this as I ever am about anything. However, it was from a dear friend who I had barely been in touch with for years. Whether you got tons of Valentines or none, today seems like a good excuse (if ever you needed one) to get in touch with old friends even explicitly without romantic intent. If you feel that sending something on the fourteenth adds unwanted romantic complications, put it off a day or some days (maybe write the letter today and send it tomorrow?) - just don't put it off forever.

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One tiny other thing is that I have applied for more information about the position with the Insolvency Service as discussed yesterday. (Networking contacts still requested!) I know there will have to be very many more "please send me information about the jobs available" requests, many more application forms filled in and quite a few interviews before I find the job which starts to get my life back on track (and even that the first job may well not turn out to be the right one) but it's still a baby step in the right direction.
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