February 28th, 2003



I do affectionately tease cygnusfap a lot (especially here) but he's such a nice guy and his decimal style has been very influential. So, in his honour:

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4) Those of you who enjoy unusual pictures may enjoy this annotated picture of London at night from space. Also available is a page of larger versions. If the thousand words there are not enough for you, venta has a really good write-up of her recent trip to New Zealand and suddenly I want to go. It's neither practical nor affordable at the minute, but it's great to read about if nothing else.

5) Haven't been to the pictures for a while. The most appealing-sounding choices from the local cinema are Catch Me If You Can, Chicago, Daredevil and The One & Only. Anyone got any comments on any of those? For instance, given the community's newly-reinforced interest in musicals, is anyone off to see Chicago this weekend?

6) Quick Harry Potter fanfic recommendation - not one that you need to read hundreds of thousands of words to enjoy, merely a very simple concept explored in an effective fashion to the point where it becomes slightly creepy. If you've read the first three books, you can begin to imagine why it might be interesting to read about Lupin’s Boggart Class with the Third Year Slytherins. (Rated "R", for what it's worth.)

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8) My Prime95 installation has now finished a full 40% of trying to establish the primality or otherwise of (233299459-1), hurrah! The 40% mark was reached on the early evening of the 26th. Let's see how long the next 10% takes. Might get this number wrapped up by Christmas yet.

9) This evening I took part in the QuizGB online buzzer quiz in the chat room of the QuizGB Yahoo! Group. A few teething problems and a few confused miscreants who clearly weren't there for the quiz, but interesting questions, excellent moderation, good company and a lot of fun. Even if your standard of general knowledge is only up to mine then you should still be able to fire home with an early interruption or two somewhen along the night and it makes an excellent background distraction for your evening's LiveJournalling. Next meeting: next Thursday, 9pm GMT. (Manageable, accessible "happy hour" from 9 'til 10 with a dash of pop culture; "hardcore hour" from 10 'til 11.)

10) Finally, in an attempt to expand my culinary horizons, tonight I had food from Collapse )

Right, just need to send one CV off to a recruitment agency (which I've been putting off since 5 o'clock - see, even when I have a good couple of hours, they are only a couple of hours) and then I really am off to bed.
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Progress report

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Have to confess that my point #5 last night about "is anyone off to see Chicago this weekend?" was mostly an affectionate tease (also see more about jet set zorac - have fun, you two!) but thanks for the recommendations all the same. In fact, the family have hired Ocean's Eleven which we'll watch later. Actually, I watched about a minute of it last night and overnight had an ace dream in which people were trying to pull off some sort of high-rise heist and did a really fantastic falling-long-distances stunt. (One of the characters looked like George Mason from 24.) Then the opening credits of the film, called "tyco" (maybe an abbreviation?) rolled at immense, clearly parody-speed, velocity. It was fab. Roll on the dream recorder!

London folks: irinaauthor and tabithajones are coming to visit the Big Smoke early next month. Any recommendations for "can't miss" restaurants? I've been to London twenty or thirty times and don't have any!
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