March 13th, 2003


Reasons to be cheerful

1. The BBC's "indoor Olympics games. They're written in a very chirpy style and come perilously close to breaching the boundaries of sensibility. Browse soonest before RoSPA (a charity about Preventing Accidents, oddly enough) declare that they exceed the mandate. Amused me, though.

2. The existence of blairstripone.

2bis. The BBC News featured a few words from a Major Duncan McSporran today, whose accent was refreshingly un-Scottish. I shall hold my tongue rather than complain about unlikely names in fiction at least once in the future.

3. This joke (source) which will only make sense to the British - and those of a certain age at that:
Q. What are the four most dangerous words in the English language?
A. Bombalurina feat. Timmy Mallett.
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Nose relief

Pay attention, troops. Tomorrow is Red Nose Day, with the BBC's big "Comic Relief" charity/comedy crossover showcase as its spectacle. Nas Alley (see the blurry URL on this icon - man, Paint ain't graint) is a focus point to concentrate and combine the donations of the Harry Potter fandom to Comic Relief for greater effect. It's a great site - much respect to those who contribute with design, art, stories or labour as well as money.

Should be a fairly Harry event as it is, what with the French'n'Saunders spoof "Harry Potter and the Secret Chamber Pot of Azerbaijan" set to press all the ericklendl buttons, a chance to win a Potter-esque car and so forth. I still don't even own the schoolbooks yet and may change that tomorrow.

Now the other interesting but unrelated thing that's happening tomorrow is the surprisingly well-organised Circle Line Party II, location to be revealed tomorrow morning. I had not realised the mad genius behind the coincidence. Now obviously there's not going to be any formal links between the two, for one is far too guerilla for the other, but the nation as a whole will be far more attuned to shenanigans and miscellaneous merriment than on any other day of the year and so be more likely to join in.

(Edit: third weird thing happening tomorrow is production of a web site from start to finish in four hours for Comic Relief. Go along to the BBCi studio in Aldwych and watch 30 of them blow fifty million quid of venture capital in four hours, or something - or just follow the web site as they produce it.)

Tomorrow, I really wish I was in London. If you are in London, take advantage of this. If you happen to be in London despite habitually living elsewhere then take advantage of this. If you happen to be able to contact some people who are in London at the moment despite generally living in Boston then tell them this now so that they can take advantage of it tomorrow. Hint, hint. ;-)
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