March 19th, 2003


Why I'm less anti-war than I'd like to be

Most of my friends are staunchly against war in Iraq; many of them are quite active in expressing their opinions. I respect them and I'd like to be able to say that I feel the same way as they do as strongly as they do. However, I don't feel I can. I'm not pro-war, but I'm just not prepared to rule it out on principle as strongly as everyone else. Collapse )

Nevertheless, I wish for peace and am thinking about attending the national demo on Saturday. I hope these viewpoints aren't incompatible to the point of hypocrisy.

OXFORD PEOPLE! - I'll be arriving by coach in Oxford at about 5:10pm on Thursday (this Thursday - a little over 36 hours away as I type). I have two choices: go straight to Abingdon from Oxford, or see nice people in Oxford first before going to Abingdon. Would 5:10-ish on Thursday be a good time to meet? Please indicate your availability now else I shall head directly to Abingdon instead. It would be particularly nice to see Oxford folk who I haven't seen for a long time or who I have never really met (yoo-hoo, truecatachresis, leathellin and others) as well as my friends who I have seen recently.

On another matter, it's interesting to see the "ask me any question" game going around again. However, in this iteration, people (whether deliberately or accidentally) aren't hiding the questions that people have asked. I hope you wouldn't feel that I'd need to say "ask me provocative questions now" if you did want to ask me something at any point. The fact that I haven't put a neat poll box for you to type your questions into won't affect the extent to which I am prepared (or not) to answer difficult or personal questions. On the other hand, it might be useful to get all the Qs and As into one thread for convenience - so let's use this one!
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Good morning!

Woke up at 9am, interrupted from a reasonably pleasant dream about Whittle with Tim Vine which seemed to have sprouted a bonus round involving solving a Rubik's Cube which had been twisted three times for £500,000. Quick shower, dashed clothes on.

Caught a bus half-way into town for an appointment at the hairdresser's. Got a reasonably short cut, but still just about long enough to part. The hairdresser's salon had Virgin Radio on, who played "Clocks" by Coldplay - a song I only recognised because it had been in an advert which I had enjoyed. As usual the singing is a dirge but the piano line is pretty cool and I am now ¼ of the way towards forgiving them for "Yellow". I planned to do "before" and "after" shots of my hair, but my digital camera's battery is flat.

Walked into town, purchased a Hungry Jack's sandwich for brunch and ate it in the park outside the central library. Someone walked past wearing a T-shirt saying "Tony Blair is a dick", which amused me. Went to see Confessions of a Dangerous Mind at the cinema's early £2.95 showing, which was very entertaining. Full marks for the particularly cheesy decades-old American game show music and an appearance of Gene Gene the Dancing Machine. Funniest moment: the mugging cameo appearance by the FCC agent who tones down the Dating Game contestants. (Robert John Burke as Instructor Jenks, or do I misunderstand?) It started to drag a little towards the end, but I'd happily see it a second time.

Walked home on the first really springlike day of the year. Bought the Guardian and the Evening Gazette for jobs listings. Called in at Middlesbrough Theatre, who confirmed the appearance of Tim Vine on June 11th, but who can't sell me tickets yet. Tickets should become available in the next day or two - probably when I'm away in Abingdon, alas. The parents are off to Saltburn-by-the-Sea to enjoy the weather. All told, a very good morning.

Oxford folks; Thursday afternoon looks inconvenient for people (though I could still be swayed should one or two others pipe up...) so I shall counter-propose Sunday lunchtime. My coach home leaves Gloucester Green at 1:45pm on Sunday and it will be a ~£40 blow if I miss it. Would Oxford folk be interested in meeting up somewhere for Sunday lunch instead? Somewhere central and cheap would be ideal but I'd settle for the Radcliffe Arms as being probably as close to this as we're likely to get. (Unless...?) It'd be great to see you!
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