June 6th, 2003


Scavengers, scram!

This summer's trend in the world of British game shows seems set to be to feature the genius as celebrity.

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In a link that Anne Robinson would doubtless have words about, there was another British game show called "Scavengers" in 1994/1995 which was a remarkably spectacular failure. It had a wonderful set but suffered from games which weren't particularly interesting to follow on-screen, a wildly overblown concept ("game show set on space ship - grab space junk and goodies from the wreckage") and a host with radically deficient acting skills. It was such a failure that half-way through the series they took it off-air and burned the remaining episodes on Monday mornings over the next summer holidays, which is about as ignominious a way for a show to go as possible. Nevertheless, I loved it to pieces, mostly because of its funky music and its wild pretentions. Oh, and because the single prize the show awarded was apparently a pair of rather tacky badges.

The reason I mention it - and here's that spectacularly weak link - is that there's an event in Coventry City Centre called Scavengers this Saturday; £10 per person in a team of up to four, 10am to 6pm, winning team splits a grand in the hand. Unfortunately the only Friends I have near Coventry are daweaver and mhw; the latter would not be so much about the running around town, but his mighty brain and remarkable nous would doubtless propel a team well towards victory. Perhaps Coventry's not so far away from Oxford that the Oxford folk might come up from it and play even with a lack of local knowledge. There's not much else going on, after all, apart from - and I still keep harping on about it - the last two days of Uncle Roy in London. Someone try it, please! Someone! Anyone! Uncle Roy finishes on Saturday, so move swiftly.

titanic_days and sophie10 will have to wait until tomorrow for their interviews, I fear, because today has proved that you can indeed have too much of a good thing; ericklendl, j4, leiabelle, missingdonut and altricial a little longer. Today was quiet but pleasant; Mum celebrated a birthday, so we went out for a reasonably serviceable, pleasant meal. Oh, and in other news, my bedroom lightbulb has stopped working, so I've been typing this in the dark.
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