July 11th, 2003


European club football

daweaver just made an excellent post about the histories of the international European club football competitions. Highly recommended for sports organisation geeks.

This reminds me that I once devised an alternate way to organise European international club football competitions. It is of the most passing theoretical interest only. However, my LJ is an ideal repository for whimsies like this; if I can get this down from paper into digits then I can recycle the sheet of paper without worrying about losing the information. It's not intended to be at all serious, by the way.

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In this year's (increasingly desperate) British version of Big Brother, the producers have been playing with the format in several ways. First, we had a housemate swap with South Africa for a few days. Second, we had a housemate introduced into the house late in the game for no apparent reason. Third, tonight we're going to vote an evicted housemate back in. They can't effectively play the evictions-and-prizes part of the game any more - they're just there to be entertaining. (Hopefully.)

This LiveJournal recommends you VOTE GEEK as previously discussed; to return Jon Tickle to the house, call 09011 21 44 05. (Calls cost 25p.) If you want to vote someone else back in, you can look the number up yourself. This is ephemeral because the voting lines close a little after 10pm UK time - so another 40 minutes or so.

Of course, this screws up the essential Big Brother paradigm completely; now no longer is an eviction final, it's all "...unless the producers decide to have the evictee go back in". Well, this is one way to answer criticisms that "all the interesting people have been voted out already", I suppose. It's really not going to be natural to have a housemate in there just as part of the scenery, not playing the game any more. It'll be interesting to see whether Jon playing the game for real is different from the returned and considerably-more-BB-induced-presence-aware Jon in there for no apparent reason. (If it doesn't work, the producers will probably let us vote him back out again anyway.)

Non-UK folk. For those of you who use the LiveJournal portal and have turned the random user feature on in the right hand column, have you ever had it give you a random user with a journalid above 8192 or so? The random LJ link does a good job at doling out modern LJs as well as long-time ones, but the LiveJournal portal random user box is very heavily skewed towards the old ones...
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