September 13th, 2003


Weak gamery, strong geekery

Firstly, a happy birthday to folk, one of the most confident, proactively interesting, stylish and kind men I have ever had the fortune to meet. I fondly remember his generosity both as a host and as an organiser over the past year. Luck, safety and happiness on the next part of your great adventure, John. (It's also remarkable that you can still get usernames which are as good as folk 1.3+ megausers down the line.)

The first Thursday night meeting of the Middlesbrough Gamers Club was very quiet with an attendance of nineteen, but about two-thirds of our order of new games has arrived so we tried some of them out. Incidentally, the George Galloway incident has passed without further mention, except that the Teesside Socialist Worker movement put a leaflet in our letterbox about a talk they're hosting next Thursday concerning Chile in 1973. Pools panel verdict: no-score draw.

Let's do some swift game reviews. Collapse ) Collapse )

The other games club-related activity I've been doing has been to visit a local branch of the Voluntary Development Agency to undergo the Disclosure process to prove that I am a fit person to work unaccompanied with children. The theory is that if the club can prove it has Public Liability Insurance and has proved that its committee is full of people who are fit to look after children, we become a much more attractive club to recommend as a safe place to visit.

Unfortunately the office in question only stays open until 3:30pm(!) so I had to abandon yesterday's trip there. (In the end, I walked around town and discovered an all-day 50p car park I didn't know about. It's reasonably conveniently situated for the centre of town, but it's definitely in one of the rougher parts of Middlesbrough, which may be why it's not too popular.) Today's trip was far more successful; after taking a £1.40 bus trip from the centre of Middlesbrough to the centre of Stockton, I took a fantastic £1.55 bus trip back which went from within 30 yards of the door there to within 300 yards of our front door here. Don't tempt me to go into greater detail.

daweaver has really turned me on to the Mozilla Firebird browser; a couple of days and I've turned from a harsh critic to a convert. Collapse )

The only known cure for reviewing board games, discussing local bus routes and web browsers is providing links (via b3ta) to the latest Flash movies to do the rounds: the charming Patrick Moore plays the Xylophone (though you probably have to be British to know who Patrick Moore is and why this is funny) and the charmingly-stupid-in-any-language I Am The Monkey (the latest bit of faintly puerile WeeblandBobistry). Have a good weekend!
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The Great LiveJournal Lie

I have just trimmed my Friends list.

As j4 put it more eloquently last month, everyone knows that the use of the word "friend" in the context of "friends list" is, well, sometimes overstating the case. Certainly some Friends are friends and certainly some friends are Friends, but both are "some" and not "all". I'm sure there are some people who are very friendly with everyone whose journal they follow using the Friends feature, particularly those who keep a tight rein on their Friends list. However, I suspect this is fairly rare.

I'm sure that people feel from time to time that they want to say "Hi, I added you to my Friends list, but your journal turned out not to be what I was expecting. You interest me no longer; accordingly, I've decided that I don't want to continue to follow your journal." to someone when they take them off their Friends list. I'm sure that it must have happened, but I cannot remember ever having seen it happen. The Great LiveJournal Lie is that people never, or vanishingly rarely ever, say that when I'm sure that they must think it from time to time.

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Finally - and with no relation to the above - many happy returns of the day to petulans!
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expetesso has deleted her journal, but this is only a temporary measure - temporary in the order of hours, so it could well even be back by the time you see this. She is happy, well and very busy; however, she is looking for a way to turn her entire journal Friends-only. (I will direct her to the appropriate parts of lj_nifty forthwith.)

Nothing to worry about at all, but please pass this message on to her other friends.

Actually, I'll probably delete this posting when the journal returns.

Bye bye.