October 5th, 2003


If you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my Friends

NAO Chess Club won their last match 4-2, so became club champions of Europe, thus salvaging my chess tipster reputation after a mighty scare. They'll be dancing in the streets of Paris tonight. (Maybe.) Full conclusion when the official site coughs up the data, or even comes back online at all.

I am arbitrarily declaring this to be "appreciate people who have Friended you but whom you have not Friended back" day. Folks, I love you all (a little), hope you're enjoying reading and thank you for your interest. I do read some of your journals from time to time, even if 40% time pressures and 60% lack of interest crossover do not permit me to reciprocate the compliment by beFriending. Here's to you all; I raise my glass. (Of milk.)

The way I will demonstrate my appreciation is by dusting out the old "anonymous messages to members of my Friends list" thing, but with the twist that if I've Friended you, you're not getting a message from me on this occasion - these go out to the 48 journals who have Friended me and I haven't friended back. Eyes down for a full house.
  1. All of a sudden I've gone from not knowing that your fandom existed as a fandom to knowing two people in different countries interested in it. Party on, dude! No less respectable than mine.

  2. Amusing and entirely kind-spirited.

  3. Are some of your entries from the predecessor that so many people used? Had things turned out differently, I might well have got to know you there some time ago.
  4. Collapse )
  5. You've been through so much and I feel a little guilty for saying anything about it without knowing all the facts; it's such a big thing that I regard it as not my business. As far as I can tell, it seems to be turning out well at long last. I hope it does.

  6. Your happiness and evident contentment is infectious. Would that we could all find as much peace of mind!

  7. Your talent's high reputation precedes you and it is entirely well-deserved.
How much do I love you all? I love you as I love seconds 20 to 26 of this tiny MIDI. (Link yoinked from whipartist.)
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Today I have had definite reason to count the number of syllables appearing in each of 284 not-randomly-selected LJ usernames. There is a reason for this which hopefully I will be able to explain later; while I do do some pretty strange things for fun, this is not one of them. The way I pronounced the names (assuming silent underscores) the results are as follows:

1 syllable: 4
2 syllables: 33
3 syllables: 93
4 syllables: 100
5 syllables: 36
6 syllables: 16
7 syllables: 2
(mean 4.0105 X3.658 SHOW YOUR WORKING NEXT TIME, median 4, mode 4)

...and I thought jiggery_pokery was a bit of a mouthful.

The question this rises is: do you know anyone who habitually uses a LJ username with more than 7 syllables, with the condition that it must be naturally pronounced as a name rather than as a collection of initials? Names which include single-letter syllables are fine, so long as you wouldn't naturally introduce pauses between them - for instance, I would argue that owlman is clearly pronounced s (pause) j (pause) branford but that leiabelle is clearly pronounced lei a belle. (lnr is the exception in having a collection of initials which is pronounced as a name, but that's deliberate.)

I suppose that wwwwwwwwwwwwwww would have either fifteen or forty-five syllables and that 777777777777777 would have either thirty syllables if you pronounce each digit separately, sixty-one if you pronounce the number the British way or fifty-six if you pronounce it the American way without "and"s. I dare say you could beat it easily by finding a digit with three syllables when pronounced in some other language, too. I'm looking for real-world examples of polysyllabic LJ usernames, though.
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