October 17th, 2003


How a tradition ends

Some of you might remember that, as well as playing reasonably large numbers of board and card games, I like to keep record of which ones I have played. There are sufficiently many people who do this that it becomes interesting to compare and contrast people's gaming years with each other. I have been keeping such data since the start of 1998; you can see the post I made about the end-of-2002 edition here, which links to a glorious technicolour spreadsheet of data.

Unfortunately, the notebook in which I was keeping my records for 2003 has disappeared. Unless it turns up again, there will be no 2003 edition of the chart. Seeing as a large part of the appeal is being able to keep a moderately reliable lifetime total for a good 200 games, it seems very unlikely that there will be a 2004 edition or so on either. Yes, I could guess, but that's not the point. I have retraced my steps between home and the gamers club, which is where I discovered that my bag of games had been unexpectedly open all the way. With Dad's help, I have even retraced the last half-mile or so (between leaving the bus and reaching the club) and searching the centre of town fairly extensively within about a ten-yard radius of where I walked. I have reported the loss to the police station, too.

Consequently, I'm pretty damn annoyed. There are some vague hopes; I might well be being tremendously lame and the book might turn up in this bedroom, but it seems very unlikely. It's very possible that the book might have flown out of my bag while I was on the bus and that the bus company lost property service might have it. It's even just about possible that someone might find it, look through, be able to decipher the comments and send it to... probably to Keble College, Oxford, where I first used the notebook eight years ago, who might even forward it on to me. Really, it's far more likely than not that I'll never see it again, though, and so there goes a year's worth of accurate records.

Other than that, there have been far worse days: I received a very pleasant unexpected mail about an old post of mine, my parents remembered to record the first episode of Superstars without me asking, the UK puzzle team have got off to a good start and there was a BBC News article which mentioned the phrase "Allied Haxor Elite" and so made me laugh.

Here's the bumph about Chris' Annual Birthday Bonanza Attention Grab Exercise:

Thursday, October 23rd. (Next Thursday.)

How old?

What can I do for you?
Neither cards nor presents, even from real-world friends; neither e-mail nor celebratory comment in your LJ. Instead, please speak to me on the day itself.

How to speak to me?
I will be publishing a live telephone number on that day on which I can be reached. Fingers crossed, I will have knocked together some internet telephony solution whereby you can call my phone using your microphone at no cost to you. Part of the fun is seeing if I can make this (simple) hack work.

Do you really want me to call? I hardly know you!
Yes, you. Even if you're reading this on a Friends page, on a Friendsfriends page, on someone else's friendsfriends page, or if you just found my journal by pressing the "Random LiveJournal" button, I would love to hear from you. Even if you think I don't know you, feel free to call.

I haven't spoken to you since last October 23rd / for years / ever before!
Please regard this as sufficient excuse. I will be especially pleased to hear from you.

I've never called anyone who I hardly know in the UK before!
Perhaps you could regard this as sufficient excuse to do so as well.

So I'm calling someone I don't know. What should I say?
Whatever you like. I will keep the call short if you like. You can find out more about me by reading my interests page or the rest of this LiveJournal, for instance.

Do I need to sing "Happy Birthday" to you?
Definitely not. Unless you want to. (Last year, 2 out of 15 people did.)

Is this for real?
Yes. It was ever so much fun last year.

Would you do it for me?
Well, I've done it for everyone else who's tried the same thing over the past year, all 0 of them... :-/
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