November 4th, 2003


Ten shots at the target, let's see if any of them hit

1. Yesterday was mostly spent foetal in bed, listening to my "TV and game themes from my childhood" playlist. I Collapse )

2. Recently, three otherwise unconnected people have posted links to Collapse )

3. BBC News is always good for a couple of easy links. British pupils have less angst than those of many nations; I would question polling and linguistic differences from nation to nation. 17% seems pretty high already; 41% would be indicative of a seriously dysfunctional educational and social system. I'd be interested to see some cause-and-effect analysis to relate or separate the Korean 41% with their extremely high participation in online and MMORPG culture.

4. Unusual phrases found on BBC News: "freestyle beard". I do not mock; I am impressed by the creativity. Look at the 2001 championship beard; you wouldn't mess, would you? That thing could have your eye out even on a near miss.

5. Talking of World Championships, the Settlers of Catan World Championships were the weekend before last in Germany, with the results available in German only - a home win for last year's world #2, Michel Hirschfeld. 24 nations competing in this year's event, which is an excellent haul, though this does use the slight cheat of counting England and Northern Ireland separately. Impressively, Canada, the USA, China, Japan and South Korea were all represented; it's a global game these days. The English qualifiers did us proud, both in the top ten.

6. I'm idly kicking around the concept of a weblog whose purpose was just to report on the various games world championships that exist, just so we can attempt to judge (in part) the health and robustness of each game or sport by the competitiveness of its World Championship and the structure leading up to it. What I'd really like to do is produce a document comparing all the games and sports that exist in the world and their significance to the wider world, but that would take hundreds of hours of research.

7. Bonfire Night tomorrow, Britain's traditional firework occasion. From next year onwards, the public sale of fireworks will be heavily restricted, Collapse )

8. International Social Innovations Day today - the Global Ideas Bank is always good for an inspiring, idealistic browse. My idea for a new website: Collapse )

9. For the record, I do not actually live in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, 155 miles west of Cape Wrath, nor did I tell the LJ ClusterMap that I did. However, I am disinclined to correct this error.

10. More films with the Fan Society last Friday; being October 31st, we had a vaguely horror-themed evening, to the extent of watching The Faculty, a Lij-fest played-for-laughs American high-school monster/slasher movie. The subtitles and the Harry Knowles cameo cheered it up, but very forgettable. However, considerably more interesting was Avalon. Collapse )
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