November 21st, 2003


Not all memes are bad

1. According to my userinfo, I am at last 28 years old and no longer suffering a weight gain due to a big Christmas 2002, just in time for December 2003. radinden and mhw have inspired a meme protocol which strikes me as a singularly excellent idea; I've added a link to my Friends-only offline contact details within the userinfo and as a Memory within Memories > Contact Details. If everyone did that, then it would be very easy for me to know where to send you Christmas cards without you having to type their address in to a form of mine and forty different forms as well. On a vaguely related subject, I have no idea who among you like getting random chatty phone calls for no other reason than fun. We're all busy people, but friendly conversation is time well spent.

2. On a holiday greeting-y theme, Brits, last posting dates for Christmas: airmail round the world, 8th December; airmail to Canada, USA, Japan and Eastern Europe, 12th December; airmail to Western Europe, 15th December; second class inland, 18th December; first class inland, 20th December. (Isn't this last one rather earlier than usual?) Surface mail: small packets within Europe still actually have a chance.

3. George Bush is coming to Sedgefield tomorrow, which is about 20 miles away. Protest starts 10am on the Village Green in Sedgefield. Problem is, actually getting there; the cordon closes roads within about a mile and a half for several hours in advance and public transport anywhere near the village has been told to forget it. No chance of me going to the demo, then. Evidently colour me "easily put off". :-(

4. On a recent walk to kick the autumn leaves, I noted that 6 of the last 60-70 houses I passed had "for sale" boards outside. Similarly, 4 of the 41 lower-numbered houses than ours in Arlington Road TS5 7RE (whoops) were up for sale. 10%'s a lot, isn't it?

Then in the newsagent last night, I overheard mention that the corner of Barnabas Road and Latham Road had been taped off by the police, and the gossip concerned what event might have caused this, possibly even murder most foul. Ah! Juxtaposition!

5. It would be ever so much fun to get a bunch of nice LJ people and associates around an online poker table together. I propose playing for play-money chips rather than real cash, not least because I want something that's accessible fun for even crap players like me and won't be worth the pros' time. :-) Ten would be a good number if we can agree upon a suitable date, time and location. Please comment if interested and feel free to circulate this to other potentially-interested nice people.

6. What is the missing item in this sequence:


(Please don't think too hard about this one.)

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9. It would be useful to produce a list of Common Cultural Assumptions For LiveJournal Users, which would inevitably pick up a subtitle of The Common-Sense LiveJournal Rules For Less Stress. This will probably be a WIP in 77 parts, but these are examples of things I'm thinking of.
  • If someone has made an obviously difficult post, you have replied to it but your reply has not received a reply in return, this doesn't mean that your reply offended, just that the original poster finds the subject a difficult one to discuss.
  • Human beings are shy and will seldom say how much they like each other. Accordingly, if there are people on your Friends list you really like but you don't dare tell them how much, it's just as possible that there are people on your Friends-of list who really like you but don't dare tell you.
No one person specifically in mind in either case here; I believe I may have been on both sides of both a few times, but this isn't a boast - it's nothing unusual in the least.

10. There's a concept going round (here via praetorianguard, unanon, apocalypsos. justbluemyself, ...?) where people state ten unpopular opinions. As thegraybook points out, it's not clear who these opinions are meant to be unpopular with. Accordingly, I present Ten Things I Want To Argue About. Collapse )
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