November 29th, 2003


Reading (as in stories, not as in Festival)

Am I a grotesquely unusual freak in finding pear skin far more pleasant than apple skin? I'm not bothered enough to set up a poll, just curious. If a biologist can comment on the science, even better still.

The "get out and see people in a social context without games or databases as distraction" series of events which has recently seen me in mixed company on (very slightly) more Friday nights than not, also known as the unofficial University of Teesside Fan Society, held its Slash Night tonight, as a possible prelude to a mooted Slash Season. Now a sizeable minority of you (including, I suggest, everyone not familiar with the term) will have your eyes glaze over at this point and skip onto the next post, but a small majority is likely to prick their ears up at news of this and Collapse )

It is Fan Society convenor fruufoo's Fancy Dress Birthday Party tomorrow, as a prelude to her birthday on Sunday. Still not really keen on highly alcoholic parties, let alone any thought of getting alcoholic at them myself, but at least this one will largely be filled with weirdos who are weird in a nice way, so a definite step in the right direction by way of party-related training wheels.
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