December 21st, 2003


Bullet Time

I originally meant to post these remaining bullet points this time last week. Hey ho. As a consequence, it's no longer marysiak's birthday and it is now sbisson's. Simon also lives one of the most fascinating lives on my Friends list, but in a completely different way.
  • Some people get tunes running through their head which they try to release through singing; I get a pattern which I must trace with my pointer on the screen and with my finger on my leg. Let me see if I can release this pattern through a GIP. I call it "the wobbly beaker"; time to give the cuboctahedron a rest.
  • Coolest thing to happen for a while, which I regret not plugging sooner, is wwwwwwwwwwwwwww, with fantastic obscure-game-related articles excerpted from The Economist. The most recent one mentions mahabis, alternatively transliterated as Mhebiss, the local Iraqi version of Up Jenkins. Hugely nifty; many thanks to the anonymous but easily-guessable perpetrator.
  • dr4b points to Five Geek Social Fallacies. I'm not sure whether I either agree or disagree with them yet, but I find the piece very well-argued, not least by the way it defends the fallacious behaviours and seeks very modest changes to improve geek behaviour.
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is set to come out in an Imax edition, hurrah! There has been much talk of a Yorkshire HP fanmeet which has never come to fruition; I formally call one now for the first showing of the movie on the Imax screen at the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in Bradford. Date: hopefully not too many weeks after the small big-screen launch on June 4th.
  • I wonder if there's a useful similarity to be drawn between the fact that one of the NCAA championship game participants, Oklahoma, didn't win their conference and the fact that the top European club football trophy winners, AC Milan, didn't win their national league? I throw my hands up in the air; NCAA football is caught up in its own hypertraditionalist pants as it is.
  • Aren't weblogs rubbish? People start them with the highest of intentions but all but abandon them quickly. Well, if top British science/computers/internet producer/presenter Gareth Jones can only manage 9 entries in 12 months, it must be true. (Unfair, I admit; we still like busy Gaz Top.)
  • Talking of things from the Top era, BBC Sport in Your Sinclair wannabe shock (see bottom). This web screenplay toy is pretty funny, too - it's cute to see lines you've written in the script of a rom-com.
  • You are likely to get between 22 and 33 minutes of enjoyment out of Fleep (via groovymother, I think), a 44-episode mono strip cartoon. Each strip has six panels and stands alone with a joke or a cliffhanger. The story does just enough to make the ending work really well.
  • If the next Comic Relief sees a one-night revival of The Goodies with their classic three-seat tandem, teaming up with the Two Ronnies and Cannon and Ball, then they would all ride one of these (via deepfun) to get to their comic misadventures.
  • daweaver points to the proposed restructuring of non-league football with his analysis. Map fans may enjoy the maps; organisation fans, complicated HTML table fans and jaw-hitting-the-table-due-to-the-sheer-quantity-of-football fans may enjoy the pyramid.
  • His blog 2 (whoo-hoo!) has a cute countdown to Christmas, though not quite like the one Roland Rat did 17 years ago. Will he really go all Xmas 2003 without hearing "I Believe In Father Christmas"? Nevertheless, Collapse )
  • Unusual house numbers are inherently cool. In the UK, triple-digit numbers are uncommon and four-digit ones rare; in the US, the one-digit and two-digit ones outlie. However, a Friends seriously quoted an address of 112 1/2 (Street Name) - yes, as in 112.5, as in 112½. If it really works then that's the coolest factual street address I've yet seen.
  • One of these years, I will learn that writing my Christmas cards is a reasonably big job which takes many hours. Sadly, this was not the year I learned that lesson. I have been reminded that much as I dislike working under time pressure, it's really the only way I ever get anything done. Collapse )
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