January 14th, 2004


Earworms to Economics

First, many happy returns of the day to flourish! Maddy has a remarkable capacity with considerable talents in very many areas and the wherewithal to keep up many different commitments. "Mature beyond her years" is a terrible cliche, but an accurate one. On top of that - perhaps most impressive of all - she is tremendously, proactively caring; it's as if looking after her friends is yet another ball that she can keep in the air. I hope your birthday is a great one and that you know just how glad we are to know you! *hugs*

Second, one of the very few things more irritating than having an earworm is having half an earworm having an earworm and then discovering in an unbiased peer vote that it was the wrong one. Yes, it was the '92 ITV Chart Show theme tune that surfaced from nowhere yesterday. Cut out all the jet-engine swooshes and effect trickery to leave you with about four short lines of melody and you've got chord progressions that will haunt you for a dozen years. Well, if you're me, anyhow. Smart Hang on, isn't Question One missing something? voters, what was it missing? I vaguely recall that the very final days of the ITV Chart Show (which I only ever took an interest in for the theme tune rather than the music videos - that's my excuse, at least, and I'm sticking to it) had a different opening sequence again, less melodic still, but that it was rubbidge. Confirmdeny?

Third, a litre of unleaded petrol costs 74.9p at our local garage, which works out at US$1.37. This is the first time I can recall a litre costing more than US$1, though it must have done for a while now. How much does unleaded gas cost in the US at the moment? Have we ever had a situation where a litre of petrol in the UK has cost more than a (US) gallon of equivalent gasoline in the US? We must be as close now as we have ever been. This is due to the weakness of the US$; forget the Euro, the US$ has lost almost 25% of its value against the Australian dollar in the last ten months alone. That's huge!

Fourth, some good news for Windows 98 users. Thank you, Microsoft. No, really!

Nth, I was having a browse through the easyGroup site and reflecting on, well, how far from easy some of the brands really are in exchange for the remarkably low costs. EasyJet and easyInternetCafé, genuinely easy to use; by contrast, easyCinema and easyCar look like bags of hassle to me, though the easyCar Car Club - an automated car rental service without apparent human involvement - is a technological marvel. Collapse )
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