February 26th, 2004


Well done, everybody!

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In other news, bookshop is campaigning for her home town of Bloomington, IN to issue marriage licenses for same-sex marriages; please consider downloading the petition from her site, filling it in and returning it to her. (Teessiders wishing to save the cost of postage, please apply here.) Out-of-state submissions are welcome and this includes out-of-country submissions. All the petitions are going to her directly, which is wise; should informed advice be that international submissions would hinder the cause then she should be able to strip them out before the final presentation to the local authorities.

Britons, a counterpart online petition asks for UK-wide counterpart legislation. Online petitions are inherently less good than physical ones, but better than nothing; I note that Stonewall aren't petitioning right now, though their campaigning continues apace.
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